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EVA Injection

Our injection plant will comply with any application required. See our injection options.



We offer the best imports service in the market. We adapt to the particular needs of each client.



Throughout more than 40 years of history, CONTE GROUP has become the number one in the rubber industry.


Strategic Partner

We consolidate your various requirements with a reliable business partner, that will allow you to achieve efficiencies and focus you on higher valued works.

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EVA injection service:

At Conte Group, we focus not only on producing EVA compounds of the highest quality, but we are also at the customer's service if it requires injected products to be delivered under service.

More than 4 decades of experience in the area with a clear target: the success of your company.

Safety and results

We are backed by the successful execution of multiple injection projects. From the product development to commissioning, incorporating all the necessary equipment and solving any technical requirements under our responsibility.
Visit our production plant and verify by yourself some of our most recent successful cases.

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More than 40 YEARS at the service of the Latin American industry