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Synthetic and natural rubber

More than 40 years of experience guarantee us. Natural rubber production, consolidated distribution of raw materials for rubber to Latin America.

Polymeric mortar

Massa DunDun, especially developed for laying bricks or blocks, ready to use. We assure 30% savings in your work

Plastic pallets

Used for exports and storage. Lighter, standardized shape and weight, resistant to humidity, solvents, chemicals and extreme temperatures


To glue all kinds of shoe soles such as rubber, TR, PVC, polyurethane, EVA. Excellent resistance to tearing, wet and warm weather variations.

Laboratory instruments

Rheometer, abrasion-meters, tensiometers, durometers, flexometers, viscometers, dynamometers, among the most important instruments in our laboratory.

Rubber grinding

Improve the quality of your rubber compound, save time and money, at unbeatable price. Schedule your grinding service.

What’s New

Our Blog is an informative and friendly space, where we will show the result of the work that we are developing for different industry areas.

Our History


Hebert Tejada and Sofia Ito founded Contegroup. It started producing inks, plastisoles and glues for rubber and PVC.


Started marketing raw materials for the rubber industry.


Colors development in powder and pastes, at request.


Incorporated marketing of supplies and additives for PVC and Polyurethane.


3000 formulas are available in a colors database, at request.


Started as Representative of Struktol, the worldwide largest producer of rubber additives.


Started the development of pre-dispersed color concentrates in tablets.


Introducing the market with industrial and automotive lubricants, processing oils and greases.


Procaesa, the largest natural rubber processor in Ecuador is incorporated as part of the Conte Group.


Started a rubber compound mixing plant for third parties and developed the first injected EVA compounds in Peru.


Developed the first color concentrates in pelletized presentation, at request.


Started in the construction industry with the development of Massa DunDun.

More than 40 YEARS at the service of the Latin American industry
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Queremos informales de que hemos retomado nuestras actividades y estaremos brindando atención de manera presencial en nuestras sedes de Ate y Puente Piedra en Lima. Y de manera telefónica en Cerro Colorado, Arequipa.

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Horario de atención
lunes a viernes
de 7:45 a.m. a 5:30 p.m.

Almacén Norte – Puente Piedra
Calle Los Nogales 228 Urb. Shangrila, Puente Piedra Lima – Perú
Correo electrónico: norte@contegroup.org
- Ana Agüero: 993 510 581
- Lilia Andrade: 965 406 778
- Alfredo Berrios: 970 825 006

Sede Central - Ate
Av. Separadora Industrial 1591 - Ate, Lima – Perú
Correo electrónico: atencionalcliente@contegroup.org
- Fernando Medina: 947 337 305
- Milagros Rivera: 989 209 213
- Juana Ponce: 989 209 183

Almacén del Sur - Arequipa
Correo electrónico: aqpventas2@contegroup.org
- Eliana Velasquez: 987 935 738