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Política SSOMA

Política del sistema de gestión integrado seguridad, salud ocupacional, medio ambiente y calidad.


CONTE GROUP S.A.C. Our company specializes in the rubber industry. Besides, we have expanded our market into paints, plastics, polyurethanes, textile industry, among others. Our experience since 1976, lets us know exactly what are the requirements of our clients, to produce and market high quality products.

  1. IMPLEMENT, DEVELOP, AND MAINTAIN the Integrated Management System – SMAC based on the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards.
  2. ENSURE OUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES RELIABILITY through effective mechanisms of quality control.
  3. CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVE the efficiency of our processes to increase the clients’ satisfaction.
  4. ENCOURAGE A PREVENTION CULTURE ON LABOR RISKS based on the active participation of all our workers and their permanent consultation, as well as guaranteeing safe and healthy works environment.
  5. MANAGE THE ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECTS of our processes, guaranteeing the efficient use of our natural resources and energy, thus preventing the environmental contamination.
  6. COMPLY WITH THE APPLICABLE LEGISLATION in our processes as well as with the other commitments voluntarily accepted and subscribed.

That our actions be measured by our results in the achievement of our objectives and goals. This Integrated Safety, Occupational Health, Environment and Quality Policy is communicated to all our colleagues, interested parties and it is made available to the general public.