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Our vision is to be a leading Latin American supplier of raw materials to different industries, setting quality standards and customer services.

Rubber Industry

Synthetic and natural rubber, thermoplastic elastomer (TPR), polyurethane elastomer (TPU), silicones, accelerants, antioxidants, Struktol process additives, industrial textiles, reinforcing and non-reinforcing charges, plasticizers, rubber-metal adhesives and mocha.

Plastic Industry

Stabilizers, plasticizers, dyes, organic and inorganic pigments, masterbatch color concentrates, process additives (UV, antioxidants, dispersants, lubricants, de-soldering agents, other additives), Asaclean purging additive, textiles for the synthetic leather.

Footwear Industry

Glues for footwear and leather goods: Fortik, glue of manual application, based on poly-chloropropene. Good adhesion for the assembly of cuts, insoles and linings. Glue application with gun (sprayable) for bonding linings, foams, leather goods, etc. Visit the Microfiber Safety website.

Civil Construction

Massa DunDun, the savings protagonist in your work. For settling of
bricks and blocks. Practical and easy to use. Visit the product website. Visit the product official fan page.

Lighting Industries

Anodized aluminum plates are mainly used in the lighting industry, but are also used in solar energy collectors, architectural decoration, electrical appliances, computer industries, television, construction, automotive, among others.

Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets for all kinds of industries, especially for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Check out our catalogue.

Textile Industries

Silicone softeners, emulsions, anti-foaming, pigments and dyes.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Colorants, antacid ingredients, anti-flatulent additives.

Personal Care

Pigments, fragrances, dimethicone.

Cleaning Industry

Fragrances, pigments.

Food Industry

Pigments, emulsifiers anti-foaming.

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