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CONTE GROUP’s Return and Limited Responsibility Policy

Conte Group S.A.C is a company dedicated to market supplies and manufacture intermediate products for the Peruvian industry, searching for technical solutions and supplying quality products.

In order to be able to carry out sale processes that satisfy our clients, we submit our comprehensive sales policy:

1. Return Term

The return term for the sold product and the consequent refund to the customer of the price paid is 15 (FIFTEEN) calendar days. During this period the customer must carry out the necessary evaluations, analyses and studies in order to verify that the purchased product fulfills its requirements.

The above term granted by CONTE GROUP for these purposes, starts from the purchase date indicated on the purchase slip or invoice issued in favor of the client.

2. Product Return Conditions

Following are the essential requirements for any return:

  • Technical report issued by the client’s technical department or external laboratory, showing the results of the analyses or tests carried out on the product.
  • The product must be kept in its original package or packaging in perfect condition, not showing signs of having been opened or attempted opening, except in the part of the product used as a sample for the technical analysis. The sample must not exceed 1% of the total product purchased.
  • Attach the corresponding invoice or sales slip, plus a photocopy of it.

3. Returns

  • CONTE GROUP will refund the amount paid by the client, only if the preceding conditions are met.
  • The amount of the refund to the client will only consist of the value corresponding to the product that has been effectively returned to CONTE GROUP, and after having fulfilled with the packaging requirements and the sample value.
  • The refund will be made through a credit note to purchase other products or by refund of the amount paid, as indicated above.
  • CONTE GROUP will also refund the amount paid, in the event that the delivered product was not the one requested. In these cases, the return must be made on the day it was received or on the next business day.

4. Limited liability

  • The responsibility of CONTE GROUP is limited only to the value of the product purchased by the client; thus, it cannot be extended above its value.
  • CONTE GROUP grants a term of 15 (FIFTEEN) calendar days, counted as from the issuance of the corresponding invoice, such that the client may evaluate the product characteristics and verify that all its requirements are met.
  • Outside this period, the product warranty terms correspond to the manufacturer of the same and not to CONTE GROUP.
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De acuerdo con las nuevas disposiciones del Gobierno en el marco del COVID-19:
1. El uso de mascarillas es totalmente obligatorio
2. Se deberá respetar el 1.5m de distancia.
3. En caso acudan dos o más personas, el ingreso a las instalaciones, deberá ser realizada solo por un representante.

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Almacén Norte – Puente Piedra
Calle Los Nogales 228 Urb. Shangrila, Puente Piedra Lima – Perú
Correo electrónico: norte@contegroup.org
- Ana Agüero: 993 510 581
- Lilia Andrade: 965 406 778
- Alfredo Berrios: 970 825 006

Sede Central - Ate
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Correo electrónico: aqpventas2@contegroup.org
- Eliana Velasquez: 987 935 738