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Calle Camino Real 166 – Urb. Industrial San Francisco-Ate-Lima-Perú.

Excon 2016 – International Construction Fair

Excon 2016 – International Construction Fair
Place: Centro de Exposiciones Jockey – Hipódromo de Monterrico.

From October 11 to 15, 2016, where we participated for the second time. It is the most important construction business fair in the country, organized by the Peruvian Chamber of Construction – CAPECO, the construction leading union.

As guests to this event, we informed the attendees about the new construction material for brick settling, Massa DunDun, which generates a guaranteed saving of up to 30%. We participated also in the different activities such as: International Construction Forum, Business Opportunities Forum, Academic Seminar, Institutional Seminar, National and International Business Meetings and Technical-Professional chats.

CONTE GROUP SAC, as the exclusive representative in Peru of the Massa DunDun, provided technical and trading assistance to everybody visiting our 18m2 area stand. Please refer to our web application to calculate building with Massa DunDun compared to the traditional mortar. Try detailed savings at: http://massadundun.com.br/comparativo-de-custos/
Our fans page was also spread at: https://www.facebook.com/MassaDundunPeru

We appreciated the interest of many young people visiting the stand. So, we improvised a press conference to clarify their doubts and questions.

Successful Challenge

The Massa DunDun has 230% more adherence than the traditional mortar. The “DunDun Challenge”: we glued a brick with Massa DunDun to an already built wall. Many skeptical people checked and verified that this brick could never be unglued.
Thus proving that the brick glued with Massa DunDun is everlasting.

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