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Expo Alimentaria 2017 – Technology and Ecology met in Plastic Pallets

Expo Alimentaria 2017 was held from September 27 to 29 at the Jockey Club Convention Center. On this occasion, CONTE GROUP prepared an important information on plastic pallets. It also opened, jointly with Soliplast from Colombia, a stand to provide technical information. Refer to our catalogue: https://contegroup.org/parihuelasplasticas/

SOLIPLAST S.A. was conceived with the idea of contributing to the industrial development in the country. Our goal was to manufacture products that might replace those that traditionally demand deforestation of important natural resources, which incur in the indiscriminate cutting of trees.

Thus, we propose using new sustainable product alternatives, of innovating technology and with products and processes that are friendly to the environment.

The plastic pallets are 100% high density polyethylene at low pressure injection. They are light and resistant to high loads

The mission of using plastic pallets is:

– For our Clients: an aggregate value in their logistics processes.
– For our People: the best opportunity to progress.
– For our Planet: commitment with the environment.
– Leaders in industrial plastic solutions technology.

We are the only manufacturers of HDPE monolithic plastic pallets.

Our main clients in the Peruvian industry are: Hersil, Farmindustria, San Fernando, Avinka, Hotel Decameron, Hotel Casa Andina, Molitalia.

Free and timely delivery to all the cities in the country.

More than 40 YEARS at the service of the Latin American industry