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Masterbatch and EVA Compound at Feria Expo Plast 2018

Masterbatch and EVA Compound at Feria Expo Plast 2018

From May 23 to 26, 2018
This fair is the gateway to the plastic industry in Peru and the Andean countries.

CONTE GROUP participated in one of the most important Plastic Industry meetings held in Southern Pacific and Latin America.

We presented our two brands:

Colortec; Masterbatch, high dispersion concentrates and Evatec; Eva compounds

Evatec: Eva compounds

CadNowadays, more people look for comfort when choosing their footwear, either to spend a full day at their work center, to practice a specific sport or just to go for a walk. Decades ago, there was a misconception that the greater the footwear weight, the better quality and duration. With technological progress both in materials and processes, in the last decades, we can obtain light, soft, comfortable materials, of good quality and long duration.

CONTE GROUP has developed an EVA based (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate), modified with other polymers and additives, obtaining pellets that can be processed in EVA injectors or rubber presses.

Eva catalogue with real color chips

Colortec: Masterbatch, High Dispersion Concentrate

The importance of colors: Increased value on the product, it identifies a product as original, color is the brand identity. CONTE GROUP has a production line with color concentrates and variety of colors. Our objective is to have successful clients, with improved production.

Masterbatch catalogue with real color chips

Presentation: 25 kg. bag.

Laboratory Analysis

Our laboratory is implemented with the necessary instruments and equipment to develop and analyze the materials and the final products for the plastics industry. Colors may be developed at the client’s request.

Technical Personalized Assistance

Specialist engineers with expertise in the field of plastics, offer permanent advice to our clients, aiming always to the highest quality production.

For more information please refer to conte@contegroup.org  or call center 01 7082600