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Adhesives Efficiency and New Technology

CONTE GROUP SAC, Leaders in the Peruvian industry for over 40 years. Our objective is to provide training and personalized advisory to our clients.

Thus, we present the different types of Adhesives in Solvent Base; Water Base, Hotmelt, besides from the line of Auxiliaries, Activators, Primers and New Technologies. You will experience a significant reduction in operating expenses and increased profitability


Our first Adhesives Seminar for the Footwear Industry was held last April in the city of Arequipa. CONTE GROUP SAC appreciated the massive attendance and the interest of the audience.

We would like to also mention that we have authorized distributors for our FCC brand adhesives located at “GALERIA EL TRIUNFO DE AREQUIPA” in stands 104B and 105 (Pizarro Street 409)with the following productsa:

Cements for Shoe Soles
Glues for pasting and assembling footwear


Introduced FORTIK 822 and ESPONFLEX HS PLUS (With scented smell)

Ideal para el pegado de paneles aislante de:
Poliestireno – Poliestireno
Poliestireno – Metal
Poliestireno – Madera, etc

No contiene Tulueno

Aplicable con pistola de aire comprimido.

Ideal para el pegado de espumas.

More than 40 YEARS at the service of the Latin American industry